Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

I had the opportunity to explain Groundhog Day to my 3-year old, which confirmed the ridiculousness of the whole ceremony. I cannot remember the last time Phil did not see his shadow. And how much more winter would we supposedly have if he ever came out to a shadow-free day? However, I think the underlying reason for this tradition is that by February, those of us in the northern climes are getting a touch of cabin fever. We want the hibernation to end, and, as Keja pointed out a few weeks ago, Spring is a countable number of days away.

Though our winter has been amazingly snowy and therefore, amazingly fun, I'll admit to a bit of yearning for Spring. But, it also means I need to figure out my garden for this summer. I have my planters and know where they go. But what will I plant in them? And do I start my own seeds or buy strong seedings? Or both? And if I start my own, when? I need guidance!

But, before we go over entirely to Spring themes, let me give you a cold weather recipe. We got pork chops from the meat CSA and yum!

Pork chops with shiitake mushrooms and apples

Serves 4, prep/cook time: 1 hour

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Wash, peel, core, and slice two apples into 16 slices each
Saute in a few TBSP olive oil in an oven proof pan for a few minutes over low heat
Add 2 cloves medium chopped garlic
Add 1 cup sliced shiitake (or white) mushrooms, stems removed if shiitake
Salt and pepper mixture
Salt and pepper 4 pork chops
Push mixture to side of pan and lightly sear both sides of chops, moving mix around to make room. As soon as second side goes down, chop can be covered with mushroom/apple mix
When all chops covered, put into oven and cook until done, approximately 30 minutes. Serve with mix on top of chops.

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maamypatom said...

Ha! We just cleaned up from a yummy supper of...pork chops! I don't cook them very often, so what a coincidence that you were writing about them the same day...but I didn't know it til they were in my belly, so I didn't try your recipe. I did one from In Nona's Kitchen by Carol Fielding. It involved sauteing the chops, then braising them with herbs and wine, then baking them together with polenta, broth and milk. If you have more chops and want more details, just ask. I did serve it with the home made apple sauce I canned this fall, so we were eating pork and apple sauce on either end of the continent tonight!