Thursday, March 19, 2009

Berry Comparison

I want to show you the difference between home frozen and store-bought frozen berries. I made a raspberry pie the other day. When I went down to the freezer to get out some berries, I realized that I only had about half of what I needed home-frozen. I did have a bag of Trader Joe's mixed berries, so I grabbed it, too. I am not picking on TJ's here, because I've experienced this with many of the major grocery store generic brands (Shaw's and Whole Foods included), as well as the name brand frozen berries. The difference between the two was amazing. 

The home frozen ones were picked in September from a local farm and first frozen on a cookie sheet and then transferred to a ziploc bag. They were as sweet as the day they were picked, whole not crumbled, and there was no ice. 

The commercial ones were broken, sour, and mostly covered in ice. There were more crumbles than whole berries, and each berry was encased in it's own snowball. My take on this: it's worth every minute and dollar you spend to pick your own berries (or buy from a farmers' market) and freeze yourself.