Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reader Participation Requested!

Hello Friends.

Keja and I have been posting new recipes to this blog for three years now - sometimes frequently, and, if you still follow us of late, sometimes not very often. The reason for our blogosphere silence of late is two-fold: we have been working this summer to prepare our recipes for their original intent - a cookbook; the other reason is that we have run out of ideas.

So, we now throw the ball to you, gentle readers. Do you have cravings, beloved dishes grandma made that you don't have a recipe for, questions on how best to use the 18 squash you just got from the CSA? Well, we can help! Send us your recipe request as a comment to this post and we will do our best to rise to the challenge and provide you with a delicious recipe.


Karen P. Foster said...

Hi Renee, Let me begin by saying thanks for posting this. I was just thinking about "Cooking with the Seasons" a couple of days ago and was going to email you to ask you for more information. Although I was seeking just general recipes, since you are seeking questions about recipes, I'll ask for some specific guidance. My family of four consists of a vegetarian, a celiac, a picky child, and a child who will eat most things as long as they are not spicy at all. Have you got a recipe for that? If not, anything with pumpkin or squash would be good. Thanks! Best of luck with the cookbook.

Amy Leah said...

Renée and Keja, can you please help me figure out a FUN goat stew/soup/dish? Got goat stew meat from Sherman and I am open to ideas. Thank you!

Kiersten said...

What a great idea. I have been trying to make myself eat more leafy greens, especially Kale, but I still haven't found a recipe that I absolutely love. I am a pescatarian by the way.

maamypatom said...

I would love to read about Keja's experiments with sour dough breads. The walnut bread we ate last week was soooo good! I know she based it on a recipe in an existing cookbook, but I have the feeling there is more to say about how her bread baking has evolved.