Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Cold Winter's Night

The dead of winter is not a great time to hit a dry spell in original recipe creations. There are no strange vegetables coming into the CSA or farmers' market. You are stuck with meat and roots and frozen veggies for inspiration. We have a fun, new, winter farmers' market in Somerville, which is just another reason I adore my town. The first two weeks there have been lines 20 to 30 minutes long for the root veggie stands. They had the best sweet potatoes I have ever eaten the first week; the second, if they had them, they were hidden, and I wasn't going to wait half an hour to find out for sure.

So, besides attempting to perfect my ginger-lemongrass cocktail and digging into my old favorite cookbooks for comfort food, I have not done much delving into the Brand New Creation arena. And I'm okay with that. I like following my nose or some other recipe; it's a nice change.

I will say, however, that should you want one sentence that sums up my feelings on cooking, it is this: add more garlic, more cilantro, more black pepper. You will be glad.