Monday, June 13, 2011

So Much Depends on a Green Head of Lettuce

Though the farmers' market is two weeks old, and the CSA one, I have yet to partake. We were on a family vacation in Colorado, which, for all its beauty, is either way behind in the growing season, way behind in their appreciation of local farmers, or simply unable to grow so much that I consider to be Spring staples. A month or two ago I was sorely missing fresh greens, holding out for June, only to realize we had scheduled our trip for the start of asparagus and lettuce season. Sigh.

What to do? Come home and gorge. Fresh lettuce needs little else than lemon and oil to make an amazing salad. Throw in some herbs from the hanging planter. Get crazy and saute in olive oil the (yes!) garlic scapes that have curled and need to be cut to keep the plant focused on the bulbs below.

Steam asparagus and eat it plain or broil it with olive oil and salt and pepper. Pick rhubarb and make into pies or compote.

Strawberries are early this year. We are going picking this week, so stay tuned for new recipes.