Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cucumber-Brie Sandwiches

The fact that, in my tomato frenzy, I forgot to plant cucumber this Spring is being more than made up for by the abundance of cucumbers from the CSA. I don’t love pickles, so fresh cucumbers now feature prominently in just about everything I eat. But that does not mean all salad all the time – remember tea sandwiches? Yes, cuke pairs beautifully with bread, and also with brie. Cucumber-brie s a fantastically simple sandwich, and one that travels quite well on picnics or in lunchboxes.

Cucumber-brie sandwich

Slice one cucumber in half lengthwise, then into thin strips also lengthwise. In the summer, I usually keep the brie in the refrigerator, which in this case allows you to slice rather than to spread the brie. Lay brie on a slice of bread, layer cucumber on top, followed by one more layer of brie. Top with a second slice of bread. The brie keeps everything together, the cucumber adds moistness only when you bite it, and the flavors are, well, you should try. This also works with camembert.