Monday, November 26, 2012

Cream of Leftovers Soup

This year, I didn't make a single original thing for Thanksgiving.  In fact, I didn't only use other peoples' recipes, I followed exactly Martha Stewart's layout for an entire Thanksgiving supper.  Ok, so I made a second stuffing and a second cranberry sauce, but that's the only thing I even added to the meal, and those were from other cooking magazines.  In part, this is because I get cooking magazines because I love to read them, but then I rarely make food out of them because, embarassement of riches, I often have so much wonderful food from the CSA in the fridge that I really can't make anything that's not based on what I have on hand, and that rarely just happens to match up with exactly what some recipe calls for.  In part, this is because I was particularly busy and uninspired this Thanksgiving.  Well, thank you Martha, the meal was a hit.  And now, a few days later, it has set me back on the creative path.

I love leftovers.  Not only because I think  most things taste great reheated the next day, but because I love to repurpose things.  So when I looked in the fridge at lunch today and saw one tupperware of mashed root veggies and another of creamed greens and onions, I was set!  I put them together in a saucepan along with about 2 cups of chicken stock and brought to a simmer.  Then I used an immersion blender to make it into a rough cream (where there are no big chunks left, but you can still see distinct flecks of green from the greens), and yum oh yum! (and for an extra yum, reheated cornbread in the oven to wipe the bowl).

So here's the "recipe"

leftover cooked greens
leftover cooked onions
leftover cooked root vegetables
chicken broth

warm, blend, enjoy!

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